Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GO GREEN @ Sumbiling Eco Village

50 Chung Hwa middle school . KB Teacher & friends take a Ecotour to Sumbiling Eco Village, Temburong.
"GO GREEN @ Sumbiling Eco Village
They learn how the local Villlager use the rainforest as thier Supermarket in a sustainable way. Participant got a taste of Wild fern. wild Bamboo shoot,wild banana Stem and many more. Chicken & Rice cook inside Bamboo. Top it up, lunch is serve deep inside the jungle.

speedBoat ride from BSB

Arrive at SEV parking lot
Balai Gajah for Breakfast
Temaui ride across temburong River

The Barbie Doll Team

Beauty from Beijing
Bamboo Chicken, Iban Style

Cikgu Hamidah
Commando Team
Banana Leaf lunch
Yammmy .....
Haziq and the Barbie doll
Yea I make it
New Iban Friend,
Bamboo Chicken cook
Rumah Kita
Rikio and the Gang
Relax la
For sale
Boleh sewa
Mrs foo
Riki with the Bamboo Rice
QQ system in Jungle
My Mum! hehe
Nice Kan?
We are going strong
THE MAN in Green
Timberland Team
River crossing
Healthy Jungle lunch